Avatar (English Version)

We are the “Gods” of the virtual world.

Avatar (English Version)
Replicas at different levels of abstraction.

If we mix the current definition -21st century- of avatar; a virtual identity chosen by the user of a computer or a video game to represent him in an application or website and the one that appears in Wikipedia, related to Hinduism and other religious frames of reference, incarnations of gods or very influential teachers of other religions apart from Hinduism, especially adherents to dharmic traditions when they try to explain characters like Christ, I conclude — vaguely — that we are the Gods of the virtual.

Let’s assume that virtual beings (computer programs) are not aware of their existence and we, “the” creators, are aware of what we’ve created. It’s possible to establish that we fall into the condition of a character in a story that would say something similar to the bible and it would be told by the first virtual beings who became aware of our existence as humans.

History, legends and myths repeat themselves.

In addition to the above, which is just a way to nurture my/our ego(s) as I write this, creating and developing in the virtual makes us the first species — known to be — to have a Simulated Universe (Metaverse) in which we/they can participate creatively and expansively.

Perhaps, the internet is the most up-to-date human-made simulation of consciousness, the whole; God.

Replicas at different levels of abstraction.

For all the unconscious beings programmed by us -the avatars on earth- that multiverse, or deeper dimension, is where things are different and the rules change.

Maybe an Eden, a Nirvana. Do you follow?

The game

We vibrate in a game. Perhaps like an electron. An infinite recursion and we will call it the art of being.

The only rule of the game is the program of free will or rather, self-programming. That possibility of choosing any instance to repeat, without limits, in the search for a new consciousness.

Imagine a circle of fire that just spins. And you, inside, are spinning too. More than what constitutes you also do it; recursively. Without a specific purpose. We will call that vibration, movement.

What we know as existence is nothing more than the constant repetition of the “same” instance in pursuit of a new result; it is from re-iteration that the new emerges. Again and again, we vibrate at certain frequencies until the new possibility, the alternative, arises and we give way to what wanted to appear.

As humans, it is simply impossible for us to repeat something in its exact likeness, so each instance differs in nuances. And, it is the latter that gives us the natural quality of trial and error, our humanity.

The more the number of people that we vibrate at the same frequency, the sooner we will take the next leap to the new. We are not fragile but, on the contrary, “almighty”. We have the power to create and destroy ourselves from time to time and whenever we want to be “reborn”.

Therefore, we must make ourselves of that potentiality because it is through repetition that we learn.

The amplitude and extension of our instance of repetition will be enhanced and limited on the way to the realization of the initial program. We must be aware that there is no alternative to the question of movement because that is what existence is based on.